The Viking

Yesterday I went to my father-in-laws place of work, Sendai Hotel, for an excellent and expensive buffet. It was fantastic to say the least. All of the food was really high quality, and plus there was unlimited beer to drink. I drank almost 4 litres!

sendai hotel buffet

They also had some carnival like games. I found out that I’m a crack shot with a cork gun in the target shooting game. Even after ingesting large amounts of beer. Now you might be wondering why I called this post “The Viking”. Well Japanese people don’t usually say buffet, they call it a viking. No doubt due to it’s links to the Swedish tradition of smorgasbord.



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9 responses to “The Viking

  1. >buffet, they call it a viking

    Yeah, smorgasbord is called “viking in Japan.
    (In Japanese writing, it’s spelled differently though. 「バイキング」 is “viking” (smorgasbord), and 「ヴァイキング」 is “viking” (the Scandinavian warriors).

    “Buffet” is usually written 「バフェー」 or 「食べ放題」 (tabehoudai).

  2. Ku Ri Su

    4 LITERS??

    I am impressed my friend. What other carnival games did they have there? We should have tried this when we visited, but alas, I think only 1 gaijin is all they could handle… 🙂

    • They had mini putt, Wii sport home run game, and a ring toss. I was the only gaijin at the whole thing. I agree, two would of destroy their profit margin.

  3. Mihoko

    Hi, I am a Japanese and have been living in Sendai for more than 10 years, but have never had a chance to enjoy the バイキング. That sounds fun! I should try.

    By the way, in Japanese, “Buffet” is usually written 「ブッフェ」 instead of 「バッフェー」:-)

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