Gatchaman T

Also at Uniqlo they have these really awesome Gatchaman T-Shirts. Everyone already knows I’m super crazy about Gatchaman (otherwise known as “Battle of the Planets” or “G-Force”. I got this black one showing the whole team in action.

gatchaman t

And this white one that has the Gatchaman logo on the front.

gatchaman t2 1

It also has silhouettes of the team on the back.

Gatchaman t2 2


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22 responses to “Gatchaman T

  1. *FAINTS*

    No WAY! No WAY!!!! Battle of the planet t-shirt! I must have this ..ok do you think I can find this in Tokyo itself? I wonder if they have a woman size for this one. I love both of them … i must get this ..i must ..i must .. i must! I remembered it as Battle of the Planets during my time.

  2. You can find this easily anywhere in Japan. It’s only in men’s sizes, but the men’s sizes are smaller in Japan, so a size small might be fine.

    • Why is it that all the good looking awesome t-shirts can only be found in men’s size?! *makes a face* no fair! (Just kidding) a smaller size huh .. hmmm that would prolly be an XS for me. I got to ask my friend if she can get me this t-shirt at Uniqlo then….

  3. I like Gatchaman too.
    I grew up watching it in America.

    Did you get the Gatchaman postal stamps that the Japan Post Office offered a few years ago.
    I bought a sheet of them.

  4. You certainly have a lot of T-shirts now 🙂

    We were also in Uniqlo recently and I saw these shirts … yes, looks cool but alas, they are too small for me, even XL (as you say, the sizes in Japan are smaller than in the US). I showed my son, but he didn’t want them (too bad).

    • I barely fit into the the XL.

      It’s too bad your son is unable recognize cool stuff. You’ll have to work harder as a Father and teach him. 😉

  5. snaptogrid

    Nice stuff….black one rox!

  6. deberiamos visitar el cine y ver la pelicula de la serie exitosa en la television
    canal 4 de lima en el peru ! ! ojala !! llegue a la lima la pelicula de gachatmam
    aqui en lima peru se lo conoce como la fuerza g….
    gracias del laboratorio de computacion en lima

  7. In the UK,I could only find the black Gatchaman Tee shown above(I bought the last 2 in the Oxford street branch,lol).Never seen the other designs till now

    • Don’t feel too bad. Sometimes I can’t find certain T-shirts that are shown on the Uniqlo website, even when I check four or five different locations. They just seem to sell out quickly sometimes.

  8. Appreciating the actual persistence anyone put in your blog and precise details you offer.

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