Jojo Exhibit

On Thursday I went to the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure exhibit in Sendai. The artist Araki is originally from Sendai, so that means we get an awesome 25th anniversary art show here.


Photos were not allowed in the exhibit except for one spot. Which you can see below.


It’s too bad because the artwork on display was amazing! The detail and complexity of Araki’s art really shines when seen in person. I feel after seeing it I can understand his technique much better.

If you bought the special ticket (like I did) you got this special newspaper.


It mimics the style of Sendai’s local paper. Inside are interviews with Araki, and points of interest in Sendai for jojo fans (two parts of the comic are set in Sendai). In a couple days I’ll post the goodies I got at the show, so check it out.


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