Bikkuriman is a long running series of collectible stickers. They appeared in 1977 when candy company Lotte combined them with a chocolate wafer cookie. Each sticker has a picture of a hero or monster on it. Pretty much every person in Japan under the age of 35 has bought some of these stickers at some point in their life. Yurie even said she collected them when she was young. So far these stickers have inspired several animation series, lots of comics, and quite a few video games.I saw this at 7-11 and decided to buy one to check it out. The cookie was quite good, very nice chocolate and a few nuts mixed in. The sticker I got was some kind of wolf creature.

His name is Master P! He looks pretty bad-ass. Of course I got an extra cool hologram too.


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  1. MJ

    How much are the Bikkuriman stickers from 1987/1988? I have several from when I lived in Japan and just found them.

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