Mc Hot Dog And A Quarter Pound

There are two new things at McDonalds recently. The first being the “Mc Hot Dog”, which is basically just a normal hot dog. I haven’t tried it yet, because it is on the breakfast menu. Yes, the breakfast menu.


In my opinion hot dogs are more a lunch or dinner type food. Maybe someday if I wake up early enough I might get to have one. The other new thing is really not new at all. Well, it’s new for Sendai that is. It’s the old classic the “Quarter Pounder”.


Until just a little while ago Japan did not have the Quarter Pounder. Now it’s slowly spreading around Japan. Currently you can only buy it at two stores in Sendai. I have inside information that it will be available at all of the stores later this month. Also the “Cheese Katsu” burger is back from it’s year long slumber. I wrote about it before here.



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18 responses to “Mc Hot Dog And A Quarter Pound

  1. Ian

    My brother has inside information at McDonalds Japan…LOL

    McDonalds in Canada is boring compared to Japan we don’t get all these new and different things. Right now all we have is the Mac wrap. Which is a big mac sauce and a meat patty in a wrap instead of on a bun. The only thing we have is the good barbeque sauce which is so much better then the US Mcdonalds. How is the barbeque sauce in Japan or do they even have it at Mcdonalds there???

    • I do have inside info. Two of my students are high up in the management for McDonald’s in Sendai. I usually know what the new stuff is way before it hits the shops.

      The BBQ sauce is like the crappy American one. Canada’s is much better. At least they still have the hot mustard here.

  2. Ku Ri Su

    Oh, its great at McDonalds in Japan. When you buy a meal you get the choice of fries, drink, or a 5 piece chicken mcnugets. I would always get the fries and the Mcnugets.

    Sauce was like the US. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Agreed, the Canadian sauce is better.

    Just stay away from the crazy breakfast sandwich made with pancake buns instead of the english muffin.

  3. That looks like the double quarter pounder we have here in the States.

  4. Ku Ri Su

    I mistakenly got the pancake sandwich and I’m like – who put maple syrup (not the real kind, it is Mcdonald’s after all) on my English muffin. The fact that is was 5:30 am in Roppungi after a night of drinking and debauchery had nothing to do with my mistaken choice.

  5. Ian

    All your family here in Canada are so proud that you have connections to high up Mcdonalds people in Japan….

    Now you just have to get some free meals of them.

    Also why does the sign for the McHotdog have 200% then writing ??? What is 200%? I know it is probably a stupid question but you know I can’t read Japanese.

  6. Bring it Back! Burger King is now serving hot dogs why not McDonalds?

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