I got this book at the Family Mart near my house. It’s a book all about Ninja. Yes it’s all in Japanese, but it has a wealth of pictures and illustrations, so I can still understand it a bit.


I contains information on Ninja techniques.


Ninja weapons.


And useful information, like how to tie a Ninja mask.


It also has a lengthy section on Ninja history, and a map of Japan showing all of the Ninja clans for the different areas. Maybe someday I’ll be able to read through it when I learn more Japanese.



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19 responses to “Ninja

  1. That looks like a cool book. I am interested in Samurai history and the ninja I believe are a form of Japanese Samurai. I know that there were some clan families that specialized in ninja and that their services were utilized by some of the Shoguns.

    • I agree with you on Ninja being a form of Samurai. The book is really cool, and I’ve actually learned a lot just from looking at the pictures.

  2. Douglas

    Actually there is very little or no evidence that the ninjas ever existed before the end of the 2nd world war, pointing to a possible japanese invention that would have help lift their defeated spirit a little… all in the samurai spirit. Who knows?…

  3. Ben

    You guys are way off.. Ninjas were in no way a form of Samurai. They emerged from the opressed people that were under Feudal Samurai rule. In which all weapons were banned from the commoners, not the Samurai. So the farmers and those who were not Samurai figured out new weapons like the nonchaku, the tonfa, kasurigama and so on. Once they became stronger, smarter and had a better system, they were hired as assasins or spies. Sometimes ninjas hid in plain sight pretending to be servants or gardeners. Then ninja clans started to branch out and they became the Samurai’s counterpart.

  4. Dave

    Where did you find that book? Could I find it on Amazon.

    • I don’t think it would be on Amazon. I got it at Family Mart convenience store. They have all kinds of books like this, but they are only available until they sell out. Usually these type of books are only at convenience stores and not at normal book stores.

  5. abe

    what is the isbn #? it has to have one!!!!

  6. Hector

    Can u tell me where to get a copy thanks

    • I don’t think they are available any more. This book is what they call a “mook” in Japan. It’s kind of a mix of a magazine and a book. Unfortunately just like magazines, when these are gone from the news stands you’ll never see them again. Plus you usually can’t get them on Amazon or anything, only at convenience stores in Japan.

  7. suraj arya

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  8. Tarquin

    Hey that’s cool information on ninjas. Can you please post some more pages it’s a special book the last of its kind. I would love to see more Budo Ninjutsu TECHNIQUES IN THAT AWESOME BOOK!


    how to download ninja home study programs,books,please help me…

  10. Take a picture of ever page and send it to people who are interested me be one of them. If what you said is true the book sold out then its the only way for people to know about it!!!
    my email

  11. talha aman

    oh really do you send some pictures of this book to me through e-mail , please????

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