Hi my name is Eric. This blog is just to show people what my life and what life in general is like in Japan and in Sendai city. Please feel free to leave nice comments and enjoy my blog. I hope to update it as regularly as possible (every day), so look back often.

Oh and all of the written stuff and all of the photos taken by me are copyrighted and my property, so that means don’t steal them to use anywhere else. If you want to use anything please ask me.


34 responses to “About

  1. ERIC!

    I just came across your blog….good work chum.

    Looks like you are having a blast over there and seeing lots of cool stuff.
    I like the Red Army stuff and air soft guns. You should dress up as a commie and wave one of those guns around at the temples you visit.

    Hope you are doing well and I’ll be sure to check your Blog when I can.

    Stay away from the puffer fish sushi,


  2. repdetect2

    Excellent blog, just discovered it. Now I have alot of catch up to do 🙂

  3. Thank you for the compliment.

  4. Eric, I found your blog through Tokyo5. Looks like you are a fellow Canadian living in Japan – though in your case in Sendai, while we (my family and I) live in Tokyo, and we arrived from Toronto a year ago.

    Looks like you also have some interesting posts about Japan so I’ll start following your blog as well … anyway, all the best and happy new year!

  5. Thanks for the comment bartman905. So you’re from Toronto. I’m from Ottawa. Nice to meet a fellow Ontario ex-pat. Because you posted a comment I learned about your blog. I especially liked the man bag post. It’s really good. I’ve added a link to your blog here so some more people can find it.

  6. I love your site. Keep it up !

  7. gatchaman

    Your blog is great, aspecially the silly little things that are typical japanese.

  8. Nice blog header – I miss Sakura!

  9. I’ve never come across Japan blogs before. Yours is one the first -there aren’t many firsts, but for blogs, there is-

    I read a few of your posts and I like them. I look forward to reading more. 🙂

  10. Star

    Awesome blog! I just bookmarked your site. Update often! ^_^v

  11. Hi Eric,

    Is it okay to use your image of Colonel Sanders dressed up like Santa for a post I’m doing on LA Weekly’s Squid Ink blog?

    If so, what credit should I use?

    (The image may be too large, but I’m hoping it isn’t!)



    • Sure go ahead. Feel free to re-size or crop it if you want. You can credit to Eric Sarault. If you could, after you write your post could you come back and post a comment with the link to the post. I’d like to see it. It’ll be cool! Thanks in advance.

  12. Banky

    I really love your blog. Thanks for sharing interesting things in Japan. I’ve already add this blog to my favorite. All I can say is “AWESOME !!!!!”


  13. Emom

    Eric, I remember when you were a kid, you wouldn’t even eat fish. At times, you were a picky eater. Now, you eat sushi and even have tasted alligator! My, how things change when kids grow up. Love, Mom

    • I ate a little bit of fish when I was young. It’s not that I’m picky it’s that you guys don’t eat a lot of the things that I eat.

  14. Marcus Lucas

    Hey, I was wondering whether you need some kind of sponsorship for your site. If yes, contact me through GraduateInJapan dot com. Thanks.

  15. Hi Eric,

    I’m an Aussie who’s just arrived in Sendai for a 2 month stay visiting my better half. Your blog has already been helpful—kebabs! Sweet!

    I don’t really know anyone here, and I hope it isn’t too presumptuous to ask, but if you feel like it, shoot me an email (or leave a comment on my site). Maybe we could meet up and go have a beer.

    Cheers again =)

    • I’m glad I could be helpful. I was having serious kebab withdrawal symptoms until I found that place!

      I don’t really know anyone here, and I hope it isn’t too presumptuous to ask, but if you feel like it, shoot me an email (or leave a comment on my site). Maybe we could meet up and go have a beer.

      I live a bit outside of Sendai (about an hour in Kakuda. The train service is crappy), but i do work in Sendai. Maybe we could work something out for some beverages. I’ll leave a comment on your site. I think you can get my e-mail from that.

  16. Hi Eric,
    I like your blog. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
    I wish, however, that your work was licenced under Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org/choose/
    This type of licencing fits the spirit of teh web much better than traditional copy right. It makes it easier for peopel to share and reimagine your work. It can have the added benefit of bringing more traffic to your blog, because people are more likely to share your work if it’s easy.
    Anyway, just a suggestion. Cheers!

  17. Hey man,

    Don’t know if you’re on Facebook or Twitter, but just wondering if you’re ok. Let us know when you can!


  18. tornadoes28

    Yeah, worried about you up there. It looks really bad in Sendai. Are you ok?

  19. weng silao

    hi,i i don’t know anything about your place,sendai not until yesterday’s devastating news on japan.after work today, i checked the news update and can’t hold my tears while praying.i can only pray to GOD ALMIGHTY to comfort those that were spared and hoped for easy recovery.

  20. Hi Eric. I came across your blog doing some reading on Kakuda. I had a short exchange there with a family almost 10 years ago, but we have lost touch. I wonder if you know of an Ara family? They have two girls and a boy, and the father was a principal at the time. Of course it was ages ago and they could have moved, but when they were there they lived a few houses down from an elementary school. I only ask because you said you lived right next door to one. I love all the pictures of Kakuda!

    • I don’t personally know them, but perhaps my wife or in-laws do (or did). How was it doing an exchange in Kakuda? It must have been interesting (and maybe a little boring) being in such a small town.

  21. Rishi

    Hi Eric,

    Great job on the blog. I was going through the internet trying to gather more info on sendai and realised you were currently living there? I’ve recently been offered a job there and was trying to get some info about the fallout of the whole tsunami/radiation effect. I am really excited about the prospect of living in japan but cant help being skeptical about the long term effects of radiation. Do you think its completely safe living there? Previously, the japanese administration has been seen as being disingenuous so their assurances hardly count as satisfying. Although I’ve seen different data from various independent sources as well claiming sendai’s completely safe, I was hoping you’d be kind enough to provide some inside information.

    How about the food, is the screening process really vigorous? Are the people really careful about purchasing groceries or is it all hunky dory out there?

    Thanks for reading


    • Sendai is completely safe. I’ve recently seen a report showing the radiation levels for the area and Sendai’s level is little to none. The food is screened and is supposedly safe. I think most people don’t pay too much attention to it, they just don’t buy any food from Fukushima area as a precaution. Pretty much everything is back to normal though. Just a lot of road construction to repair the earthquake damage (yes still happening even over one year later), and some areas near the ocean are still empty and will probably never be used again. Sendai is a nice city so you should definitely take the job.

  22. Hi Eric, I am a roving Editor for the Guardian publications here in London, and soon will be posted to the Tohoku area for a few years. Since I do not know any Japanese people, I was wondering if you knew of a few trekking/walking/rambling clubs/circles/groups in the Tohoku/Sendai area by any chance? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I hope to hear from you soon. I offer you my gratitude in advance; and remain peacefully yours, Tony…

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