Mandai Shoten

Last night after dinner we stopped by “Mandai Shoten”. It’s kind of a used item shop or as the Japanese call it, a “recycle” shop. They sell all kinds of cool things. The store is a little bit hip, and also has loud music playing in every corner of the store.

mandai shoten

Some of the different sections that they have are: video games, manga, DVD, CD, clothes, shoes, toys and figures, musical instruments, fishing gear, and even airsoft and paintball guns. It’s quite an interesting shop. For those interested, and that live in Sendai, it can be found on the Sendai by-pass  just south of Minami Sendai station.



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6 responses to “Mandai Shoten

  1. I love “recycle” shops! I found glasses with pictures of ‘pa-man/パーマン’ the other day. I go there to find some showa goods.

  2. Looks like a place I would probably spend quite awhile browsing! I love second hand goods 🙂 or is that the right way of me to say it ‘second hand’

  3. So, would you go back? Should I make the hike down there?

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