What The Hell!?!?!

Yes, Japan is a strange place. Maybe the strangest on earth. Watch this video and understand what I mean…



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15 responses to “What The Hell!?!?!

  1. Im speechless BUT I am amused.

  2. Ku Ri Su

    LOL, that is hilarious.
    They have a similar mini-game in “Raymond’s Raving Rabids” but without all of the muscles. Some of those images were scary.

  3. keith

    yeah, that’s pretty messed up

  4. I think the developers have definitely been smoking something.

  5. snaptogrid

    Nice! It reminds of that old PS1 party game….the one with the dudes jumping for ham or trying to rapidly get lead out of a mechanical pencil.

  6. Jeff

    The lead pencil game… Awesome. “We need a game by 5:00 pm!”

  7. snaptogrid

    lol. I think that the game was Bishi Bashi…not too sure which version. But I remember this gem where you had to make it work while avoiding boulders:

  8. Truly weird, but you gotta love Japan for this. Of course, you obviously bought this game and can’t put it down, right? 😛

  9. This is really getting a lot of coverage – I have seen it in several Japan blogs like Tokyo Mango, Japan Probe, Kirainet.com, etc. Now, I just saw in on G4TV’s Around the Net, where it was the #1 video of the day (Around the Net searches the Internet for the “best” videos).

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