New Microwave

Today we went down to K’S Denki and bought a new microwave. The old one that we had at our house was 18 years old, and was really good at heating plates up, but no so great for heating food.


Our new one (as seen in the promo photo above), is quite fantastic. Not only is it a microwave, it can also be an oven and a steamer. It has all kinds of fancy modes and such, but is still really easy to use. Not much Japanese is required to figure out how to work it (not like the old one, which was a pain). One interesting thing it can do is you can set what temperature you want the food, and it’ll warm it to exactly that temperature. I have no idea how it senses the temperature of the food, it seems like magic. Tomorrow I’m planning to test out the oven and make a pizza for lunch. I can’t wait. Pizza!



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8 responses to “New Microwave

  1. Now THAT is a Microwave Oven I would love to have. Do take a photo of your Pizza tomorrow 🙂

  2. awwwwwwwwww …i just realised this blog was dated yesterday hehehehehe so how was it ? Did the microwave oven prove itself worthy of a buy?

  3. keith

    I believe the temperature sensing is most likely done by measuring the relative humidity inside the the microwave with a humidity sensor.

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