I’ve found you can learn a lot about a country by what they have at McDonald’s. Every different country has their own special things. One example is on my recent trip to China the had spicy schezuan chicken burgers. In Japan they also have their own special stuff, such as the new “Cheese Katsu (Fried Pork Cutlet) Burger” (which I have tried and yes it is delicious).

Other favourites in Japan are the “McTeriyaki Burger” and the “Fried Shrimp Burger”, also very delicious!



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4 responses to “McDonald’s

  1. Jeff P

    Is there a Japanese symbol for “Mc”? Did they trademark it?

  2. Eric

    Actually they say makudonarudo. That’s trademarked!

  3. keith

    yeah, here in the Netherlands they have a McKroket, which is minced meat with a bread crumb outside, but unlike in France, the minced meat is all the butchers waste. I tried one a year ago and it was terrible.

  4. Ian

    I know you posted this for me…

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