Rakuten Eagles

A couple of weeks ago the wife and I went to see a Rakuten Eagles game. They’re the pro baseball team for Sendai. Usually I don’t go to sporting events, but I was interested to experience what a Japanese baseball game was like. The perfect opportunity came up when my wife won free tickets to a game at her work.

Having been to some baseball games back in Canada I can tell you it was a different experience. It seemed like it was faster paced. Maybe it was the fact that something was always going on during the game. Almost to the point of distraction. Especially when it came time for everyone to send up these whistling balloons. I couldn’t even see the game! I took a shot video where you can hear some of the songs the fans sing during the game. It’s almost like a soccer match.

For some reason my camera didn’t like the bright stadium lights in the video.

What was strange was after the sixth inning the had dancers come out and then there was fireworks. I guess they have a sixth inning stretch and not a seventh. You can see in the photo below we were quite a distance away, but what can you expect when the tickets are free.

One of the best parts was that you can bring two drinks into the game with you (unfortunately I didn’t know about this until we got to the stadium). Including beer!! Oh, if only I had known!



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4 responses to “Rakuten Eagles

  1. I’m surprised they let you bring drinks into the game. They would never allow that in the States.

  2. Ku Ri Su

    I went to a game in Tokyo and it was the same thing. Lots of energy in the crowd. It was sold out on a Monday in the middle of the season. Huge banners and different songs and chants for every batter that came up.

    You could bring the beer and food in the game to. Like you I didn’t know.

    Much better than Canadian games.

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