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Friday Night Lights


On my last post about television viewing I had mentioned watching the HBO series “The Wire”. Well I finished watching the entirety of that series, so I was hunting for a new series to watch. Trolling through NeoGAF message boards I noticed many people mentioning the series “Friday Night Lights”. I thought I would give it a try, and discovered it was as good as everyone was saying. The basic story premise is about a small Texas town football team, and the drama surrounding it. The show has a kind of realistic quality to it (which I found out is because it allows a lot of improvisation for it’s actors), and has a lot of really likeable characters. Anyways give it a shot, it’s pretty damn good.



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Strange Combinations

One thing Japan is really good at is combining things that should never be combined, like potatoes and pizza. This video clip from an old episode of the children’s show “Kamen Rider” it an excellent example. It has a mash-up of a starfish and Hitler. Yes, It’s “Starfish Hitler”!

See Kamen rider fight against an evil Starfish Nazi plot, and find rocks with swastikas on them!

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