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Wow these kids really like the toys they get with their Happy Meals at McDonald’s!



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Ultra Cool

I found these funny illustration from the 1960’s of Ultraman on the internet. Ultraman being a Japanese hero/alien type guy who’s always saving the world from alien monsters. The kids at my school all love him so much. I highly doubt that parents would approve of some of these drawings nowadays.

Especially this one where he slicing the poor monsters arm off.

Ultraman leaving a wake of dead monsters.

Why is the turtle riding the tank!?

The monsters even fight among themselves. How counter productive! You won’t destroy the world that way!

The turtle is still hitching a ride!?! Is he part tank or something? Hey wait a second Ultraman isn’t even in half of these!


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What are they teaching Americans in school?

Do they have maps that only show the U.S. on them? It’s incredible!


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Didn’t Anyone Check

Apparently in Japan,  having someone check out the English on various ads, promotional items, T-shirts, etc. must be prohibitively expensive, since no one seems to do it. Even large multi-national corporations can’t be bothered. I prove my point here.

It looks like an everyday coffee vending machine, but on closer inspections…..

It’s amazing the difference that one letter can make! I know Japanese people have a hard time telling the difference between “r” and “l”, but you might want to have somebody check this before making thousands on vending machines. You know, maybe email it to Nescafe in America or something……


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Gin no Sara

It is true that there are some crazy commercials over here, like these two from sushi chain “Gin no Sara”. They show what will happen to you if you don’t eat their sushi.

You really have to be careful of those robots, giant bears, cowboys and ninja these days.


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Check out this video of a practical joke probably gone too far. They fake a sniper shooting. The poor guy looks like he’s going to die. The result are quite funny.


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Poems On Cars

My co-worker recently bought a new used car.

car poem1

On the side it had a little poem in strange Japanese English.

car poem2

Click on the pic to enlarge. Enjoy!


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