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I recently got a new lens for my Sony Nex camera. It’s a Fujian CCTV 35mm lens. It’s a super cheap lens from China. Just about 3000 yen. Which is crazy when you’re talking about lenses.

It’s completely manual for focus and aperture. The build is very simple, solid, and doesn’t feel like a cheap lens. The interesting thing about it is it can give an extreme depth of field effect. Kind of like those toy type camera effects that are popular recently (like Instagram and such). It came with a few macro rings to add to it as well, and they work pretty good. All and all a good purchase. I can’t wait to use it more. Anyways here’s some quick  photos I snapped in the yard.


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Red Cliffs

I recently got copies of the two “Red Cliff” movies on Blu-ray. I had to order them from Hong Kong, because the Japanese versions didn’t have the foresight to include English subtitles (no English-speaking people live in Japan……right?!?).

These movies are so good! It too bad the North American release is going to be edited down to one movie. What can they possibly cut out? If you want to see the real version go get these.


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Red Cliff 2

Well after waiting a few months I finally was able to see the second part of John Woo’s Red Cliff. It was fantastic! The strategy of the epic last battle was so ingenious.


I think it’s the first movie series that I’ve seen that really captures what’s cool about the Three Kingdoms story. The personalities of the main characters is the important part. When they need thousands of arrows, Zhuge has a really cool and ingenious way of getting them. I really want to get these two movies on Blu-ray someday. Too bad the Japanese release only has Japanese subtitles (because only Japanese people live in Japan, right?).Anyways here’s a trailer so you can see some of it yourself.


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Doraemon Is That You….?

Doraemon is a super popular character in Japan. He’s a magical cat from the future, who’s always helping his pal Nobita by producing the most fantastical gadgets from his magic pocket.


He’s popular all over Asia, including in Hong Kong, where they have an interesting version of the show. Check it out in the video below….



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From China

On Saturday we had a visit from one of our friends from China, Cliff. He was in Japan just for 24 hours to pick and his daughter and go back to China. What he brought along with him was a beautiful antique Chinese mahjong set for us. You can see the case has a nice painting of two quails (at least i think they are quails).


Inside the case is all of the mahjong tiles, a set of english instructions, and some dice. The set is so nice.


The tiles have the traditional wood backing on them so they’ll make a really nice sound when you slap them down. I can’t wait to play mahjong with this set. Thanks Cliff and Megumi!


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The Red Army

On our recent trip to Shanghai I couldn’t resist picking up some interesting historical items of days gone by. The first was this magnificent alarm clock.

When the clock is wound Chairman Mao waves his red book passionately at the adoring crowd. I got some playing cards too.

Each card has a different propaganda slogan and an old propaganda poster on it.

The next item I bought was a nice watch. The Chairman waves his arm to the adoring public. The second hand has a nice red star on it too.

Not pictured here is a commie T-shirt that I bought as well. All of these items cost me less than $10 Canadian. How’s that for a bargain!


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Shanghai Part 2

Later in our trip we went to one of the oldest parts of Shanghai. There wasn’t many tourists here, mostly just Chinese people.

There was a lot of really old and beautiful buildings here. Many shops and restaurants.

We went during lunch time so it was quite packed with people. they had lots of different things to eat like dumplings,soups, and lots of kinds of meat, including all of the gross parts like pigs noses and pigeons on a stick.

There was a nice picturesque river running through the area too.

The only bad part was quite a few places had a dish called stinky tofu. Which is basically rotten tofu that smells like very vile garbage. I wanted to take a picture of it to show people, but the smell was so bad that I didn’t want to get too close to it!


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