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The New Wagon R

Due to unfortunate circumstances, our old Wagon R finally had to be put out to pasture. That meant we needed a new car, so we went to the Suzuki dealership and bought a brand new 2009 Wagon R (which we received the day before we left on vacation).

new wagon r 1

It’s quite a bit nicer than the old one. Actually having four doors and cup-holders being major new upgrades.

new wagon r 2

It also has lots of futuristic features, like not needing any keys of any sort (just a key fob), including starting the car. It also has a CVT transmission for optimal gas savings. And yes those are real alloy rims (we actually didn’t even know that we had them until a week after we got the car)!

new wagon r 3

Below is a shot of the dashboard and front seat.

new wagon r 4

I really like the bench like seat, and empty floor. It makes it really easy to slide over and get out the other side when the parking situation is especially tight.

new wagon r 5

The backseat is especially spacious. The seat can slide forward and back, giving you more leg room or more trunk space as required without having to fold down the seats. I have to say the difference between the two cars is remarkable. I could really feel the progress cars had made in the past 16 years comparing the two. Check out my old post on our dear departed old Wagon R to see the differences yourself.



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Poems On Cars

My co-worker recently bought a new used car.

car poem1

On the side it had a little poem in strange Japanese English.

car poem2

Click on the pic to enlarge. Enjoy!


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Japan is a strange country. It’s filled with tons of “what the hell!?” moments. Almost every hobby has been taken to an extreme by some over passionate person. Modifying vehicles is one of them, as is proven by the evidence of this photo I snapped.

modified van

Yes, under all of those fins and flares, that used to be a van!


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Car Navi

Last weekend we went to Yellow Hat and bought a Clarion car navigation. Japan has no street names for the most part, and a nonsensical way of determining addresses. Add to this tiny side street, and you have a ton of ways to get lost, so it’s a good item to have with you. It’s a hand held model so you can also take it walking with you.


Even though the menus are all in Japanese, I was able to figure them out really quickly. It gives directions really clearly, letting you know where to go way in advance. Even showing which lane you should be in. It can also play MP3s, some video files, and you can watch 1 seg TV on it too.


That’s the same signal used by most of the cell phones that can watch TV. All in all a great purchase

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Suzuki Lapin

A few weeks ago we went to the Suzuki dealership to have our oil changed on the Wagon R. While we were waiting I was looking around the showroom and saw what could be the most feminine car ever. It’s called the Suzuki Lapin.


It’s not just the fact that you can buy it in powder blue, or other pastel colors. The logo is also a very cute rabbit.


You can see it on the inside door handle. It can also be change to a photo of you choice. I did  think the dash board layout was cool. Kind of simple and retro style.


To top it all off, they were giving out Lapin cookies in a little bag with a bow on it.


If that’s not to bring in the girls, I don’t know what is.


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“American” Cars

As you may or may not know, Japanese people aren’t really fond of buying any kind of car that isn’t Japanese. Sure you see the odd German car or very rarely maybe an Italian car, but for the most part it’s all Japanese. Well when we went to the Suzuki dealership I saw something interesting. My Father who loves American cars, especially Chevrolet will find this interesting.

This is the only Chevrolet that you can buy in Japan. What funny is it’s not even a model that is available in North America, and if you look at the bottom, It’s actually made by Suzuki. I can honestly say I’ve never seen one on the road. You can see in the commercial below clearly Chevrolet is thought of as a subdivision of Suzuki in Japan.


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Suzuki Palette

Today we went to to the Suzuki dealership to get the Wagon R it’s annual check up, and I saw the most amazing car. It’s called the Suzuki Palette.

This car is part of the smallest size car class, but It was the most spacious car I have ever seen. The space for the back seat was incredible. In fact you can see in a picture I scanned from the brochure a small child can stand in the space between the seats. I sat down and I had around three feet between my knees and the front seat.

The backseat can slide back and forth like the front seats so if the trunk is empty the passengers can have a lot of room. The seats also fold down flat to the floor so that you can even fit a bicycle standing up inside.

One of the most impressive things was there was no need for keys. The key fop have a transmitter in it so if you’re within a foot or two of the car it knows it’s you and you can just push a button on the door to unlock the car. Also inside there is no key hole, just a push button to start the car. So the key fop never even has to leave your pocket. That’ll keep you from locking your keys in the car! Oh, and I have to add the back doors slide open automatically by pulling the handle or using the key fop from a distance. And finally, it’s cheaper than any new car that you can buy in Canada. You can see the commercial below.


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