Yesterday I just got back from a four-day holiday in Seoul, Korea. It was pretty fun, but also extremely tiring. Seoul is a super busy place, packed to bursting with people. Kind of like Tokyo, but even more amped up.

Above are a couple of pictures of Myeongdong. One of the most popular shopping districts. This was actually when the area was quiet. A couple of hours later it was wall to wall people. My favourite part of Seoul was the food. Not just the Korean food, but all the choices. It makes Japan look terrible in comparison. Any given area of town offered a variety of international food choices. Especially in Itaewon it was like stepping into a different country. I even saw a Tacobell (which will sadly probably never appear in Japan. The Mexican food situation in Japan is dire to say the least. Every place I’ve tried has bordered on awful).

We went to a food market one day and we had some really cheap and extremely delicious chijimi and bibimbap.

I also saw Lotteria, which is a very popular chain in Japan. It actually originates in Korea. Lotte, the company that owns it is one of the biggest companies in Korea.

I have a few more photos on the way of Gyeongbokgung Palace, so come again to check them out.



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Well yesterday was the anniversary of the big quake.At 2:46 I could here sirens going off all over town to mark when there should be a moment of silence. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. It seems like it happened just a few days ago. Anyways I was interviewed for an article for the Ottawa Citizen, so please check it out.

Ottawa Citizen article


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Big America 3

Yep, the Big America series is back at Mcdonald’s again. This time sadly there is no return of the Texas burger (my favourite). This time we have The Grand Canyon burger.

I’ve already had this one. It’s pretty good, a little bit similar to the Texas burger. The sauce is steak sauce, so the flavour is not as zingy as the Texas burger.  The next burger will be Las Vegas burger later this month.

Followed by the Broadway burger.

And finally the Beverly Hills burger.

All of these look pretty good. I’m looking forward to trying them.  The last time they had Big America I never wrote about the last two burgers they had. We had the big earthquake here in Tohoku and I didn’t feel up to writing about burgers at the time. Anyways now is the time to do it. Below is the Manhattan burger.

It had smoked meat on it, and was really really good. Unfortunately I only tried it once. I’d say it would be one of my favourites. Lastly is the Miami burger.

It had tortilla chips and taco meat on it. I don’t really see what that has to do with Miami. I would have pictured something more Cuban actually. It was delicious anyways. The only defect was it was so messy. The taco meat would fall out so easily. The crunch of the tortilla chips was nice though. As in the past I’ll follow up with the new burgers as they come out. Stay tuned.


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Dragon Quest Museum

Here’s my photos from when I went to the Dragon Quest museum. This museum is being held for a limited time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series. Unfortunately they only allowed taking photos of these statues of some of the characters. I wish I could show you some photos of the other stuff I saw. Some of it was amazing. Like seeing the original art done by Akira Toriyama (the Dragonball guy) for the game. It was all the real deal, not some copies or prints. I’d have to say his artwork looks even better then when you see it printed. It was the highlight for me. Anyways have a look at the statues below. Keep in mind that these were all life size, so they were quite large.


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This Saturday I finally got a chance to see the Hadaka festival in Kakuda. The last few years it was during the week and I always just missed it. Hadaka by the way means “naked”. Now they aren’t actually naked, but they are wearing basically just underwear. Keep in mind that the temperature was around zero degrees!  Plus they had to be out in the cold for a couple hours. It’s kinda crazy!! Check out some photos below.


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Above is a picture of a Slime meat bun. Right now Family Mart is selling them for a limited time because of the DQ 25th anniversary. One of my students gave it to me. I guess he knew I liked Slimes. I felt a little guilty eating it since the Slime was smiling at me, but I did it anyways. It tasted like a normal Chinese meat bun. Right after eating it though I did level up to level two!!

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Last night I finally got to see the new Tintin movie!! It was really good. Speilberg did a good job preserving the feeling of the original comic books. I did see the movie in 3D (it was really expensive, 1600yen!!), and it was so beautiful. The CG was amazing. It was so detailed, and being in 3D really made it pop. I totally recommend it to everyone, especially if you like adventure movies.By the way keep an eye out for Herge at the start of the movie.

P.S. My Dragon Quest Museum post is sill incoming. I’ve been having a bit of PC trouble recently and my desktop is off being repaired. I’ll get it done soon.


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