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The Wire

Lately I’ve been super addicted to watching the HBO series “The Wire”. In the last couple weeks I’ve already watched two and a half seasons of the show. What makes it so good? Well the story is so realistic and intricate, and the ensemble cast has a lot of personality.


The basic premise is about police in Baltimore on one side, and drug peddling gangsters on the other, and their tug of war against each other. Also the series recently finished so there is a finite ending to it. I like having a ending to look forward to. So check it out!



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Zombie VS Kids

Here’s a clip from a Japanese TV show. In it they convince the kids that a zombie is coming to eat them, so they must defend their house against the zombie.

One thing I learned from this video is that plastic wrap is an effective weapon against zombies. I especially like their one tactic of putting hot sauce on the floor so the zombie will think it’s blood and try and eat it. I’m sure these children are now scarred for life.


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Japanese Spiderman

I came across this video clip while browsing the internets. It a 1970’s live action version of Spiderman from Japan! Enjoy the disco Spiderman theme while watching this clip.

You can see the Japanese took a few liberties with the Spiderman lore. Adding giant robots, monsters, samurai, and even spider man shooting a machine gun (what happened to shooting webs?). It turns out that will be subtitling the series and posting it on their website. Check it out! They have episode one up already.


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Hiro in Japan

Two weekends ago Masi Oka, who plays Hiro on Heroes, was on the popular Japanese TV show Mecha Mecha Iketeru. Supposedly he’s a big fan of the show, and wanted to do some of his favorite funny things on the show.


Basically they just tortured him the whole show. Like dropping a bunch of metal wash pans on his head.


Or tricking him into falling into a boiling hot water trap.


It was a really funny episode. Every time they did something to him he would pretend to get upset and scold them, saying it was dangerous. One of the cast would then apologize. He eventually got his revenge at the end of the show, by pelting Okamura with volleyballs until he fell into a river.


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Stamp Rally

A few weeks ago 7/11 had a sort of stamp rally involving the popular kids show Kamen Rider. Every store had a different stamp so kids would have to bother their parents to take them all over. If you collected enough you could get prizes.


I thought the ink stamps were really nice, and me being basically a big kid, I decided I would get one too.


I wonder what the clerk at the store thought when he saw a 33 year old foreigner getting a Kamen Rider stamp. Here’s a scan of the whole collection. I only managed to get one, because I’m old and busy, not like kids.



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Ninja Hattori-Kun

We were watching a Japanese TV show the other day. The show features segment showing the origins of all kinds of Japanese pop culture items. This episode the had a retrospective on “Ninja Hattori-Kun.


He’s a cute ninja character for kids, star of many cartoons and manga. Very cute looking. Well it turns out that they had a live action version on TV during the sixties. In it Hattori-kun is played by a man in a mask.


The result is almost frightening! I wonder who thought this live action show would be better than a cartoon.


How many kids had nightmares after watching this?


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Mecha Mecha Iketeru!

One of my favourite shows in Japan is Mecha Mecha Iketeru. It’s a really funny show where they do all kinds of comedy segments. It features the comedy duo “Ninety Nine” and a cast of regulars, including Arino from Game Center CX. I found some video so you can get a taste of the show and it’s hilarity. Enjoy!

A boiling hot water trap.

Break dancing battle.

A clip of them being mean to pop idols. Watch around the five minute mark especially.

Okamura versus a really big pro sumo wrestler.

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