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Vancouver 2010

Well the Vancouver Olympics finished a few days ago. I have to say it was a pretty good Olympics this time. Of course I’m biased being Canadian myself. I was really happy to see how well Canada did this time, a total of 26 medals. With 14 gold medals! That’s actually the highest ever in the Winter Olympics. The last record was 13 set by the Russians back in the 1970’s. So well done Canada. We rock!!

My only complaint was the coverage by NHK was kind of poor. They didn’t show many events, and mostly only showed the Japanese athletes (How many times do I need to see a feature on a mogul skier that only came in fourth place! Apparently around 10 times).  At least it was better than the last summer Olympics where they edited the events to only the Japanese athletes competing.



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Check out this video of a practical joke probably gone too far. They fake a sniper shooting. The poor guy looks like he’s going to die. The result are quite funny.


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Three Sheets

Three-Sheets 1

I just discovered this show thanks to a forum thread on GAF. It’s called “Three Sheets”. Basically it’s a travel show where the host Zane Lamprey goes to different countries to sample the local alcoholic beverages. It’s really fun to watch him drink tons of stuff, get totally drunk, and act strange in public. He’ll drink anything, especially weird stuff (as pictured below).


You can watch all of the episode of season one and two on Joost for free, and for all of you possible ex-pat viewers in Japan, this site does work (not like Hulu, which blocks other countries). There’s even an episode in Japan where he goes on a sake binge, and then sumo wrestles with a random stranger in a bar. So enjoy!


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Friday Night Lights


On my last post about television viewing I had mentioned watching the HBO series “The Wire”. Well I finished watching the entirety of that series, so I was hunting for a new series to watch. Trolling through NeoGAF message boards I noticed many people mentioning the series “Friday Night Lights”. I thought I would give it a try, and discovered it was as good as everyone was saying. The basic story premise is about a small Texas town football team, and the drama surrounding it. The show has a kind of realistic quality to it (which I found out is because it allows a lot of improvisation for it’s actors), and has a lot of really likeable characters. Anyways give it a shot, it’s pretty damn good.


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Cutting Edge

Here’s a video of some samurai guy cutting various hard to cut objects. I have to say it’s pretty amazing to say the least. Enjoy!


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Car Navi

Last weekend we went to Yellow Hat and bought a Clarion car navigation. Japan has no street names for the most part, and a nonsensical way of determining addresses. Add to this tiny side street, and you have a ton of ways to get lost, so it’s a good item to have with you. It’s a hand held model so you can also take it walking with you.


Even though the menus are all in Japanese, I was able to figure them out really quickly. It gives directions really clearly, letting you know where to go way in advance. Even showing which lane you should be in. It can also play MP3s, some video files, and you can watch 1 seg TV on it too.


That’s the same signal used by most of the cell phones that can watch TV. All in all a great purchase

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Strange Combinations

One thing Japan is really good at is combining things that should never be combined, like potatoes and pizza. This video clip from an old episode of the children’s show “Kamen Rider” it an excellent example. It has a mash-up of a starfish and Hitler. Yes, It’s “Starfish Hitler”!

See Kamen rider fight against an evil Starfish Nazi plot, and find rocks with swastikas on them!

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