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Summer Cooler

I know it’s a little late to be posting about a special summer flavor, but I was lazy all summer (and on vacation in Canada),  so now’s the time. I drank this a few times this summer. It’s Canada Dry “Summer Cooler”.

CD summer cooler 1

Basically nice crisp ginger ale mixed with a bit of orange.

CD summer cooler 2

It was so refreshing while it was hot. Unfortunately it has completely disappeared. Hopefully it’ll return for next summer.


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diabolo ginger

I got this new soda at the super market recently. It’s called “Diabolo Ginger”. Basically it tastes more like Ginger Beer, and not like Ginger Ale. The taste is sharp, and strong. Which makes it perfect for a hot summer day.


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Three Sheets

Three-Sheets 1

I just discovered this show thanks to a forum thread on GAF. It’s called “Three Sheets”. Basically it’s a travel show where the host Zane Lamprey goes to different countries to sample the local alcoholic beverages. It’s really fun to watch him drink tons of stuff, get totally drunk, and act strange in public. He’ll drink anything, especially weird stuff (as pictured below).


You can watch all of the episode of season one and two on Joost for free, and for all of you possible ex-pat viewers in Japan, this site does work (not like Hulu, which blocks other countries). There’s even an episode in Japan where he goes on a sake binge, and then sumo wrestles with a random stranger in a bar. So enjoy!


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Here’s Pepsi’s special flavor for the summer. It’s Shiso Pepsi. Shiso is a Japanese herb tat is part of the mint family. So to understand the taste, imagine a mint flavored soda. It’s just OK tasting.

pepsi shiso


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Homemade Liquor

Today we made some homemade liquor. It’s pretty easy. All you need is white liquor, fruit, and rock sugar. I didn’t want to make normal old plum liquor, I wanted to make something a little different. We noticed that you could make mikan (a Japanese tangerine) or lemon flavored liquor. I thought it would be an even better idea to make a citrus mix. So we put mikan, oranges, grapefruit, and lemon.

citrus liqour

Whether this mix will taste good or not will not be revealed for at least a month, so stay tuned for a future post on the final results.


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Whiskey….Expensive Whiskey

The other day I was going to buy a cheap bottle of whiskey at the liquor store, but the wife said not to. The Father in-law has tons of whiskey so she said to ask him. So she asked for a cheap bottle of whiskey, and he returned with this.

suntory whiskey 1

A over 5000 yen bottle of Suntory Royal 15 year aged whiskey. You know it’s expensive when it comes in a shiny golden box, and has medallion tied on to it.

suntory whiskey 2

I just wonder, if this is what he thinks is cheap, what is an expensive bottle?


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Spicy Black

Here’s the latest ginger ale from Canada Dry. It’s called “Spicy Black”. The flavor is kind of in between ginger ale and ginger beer. It was strong, crisp and refreshing.

spicy black1

The reason it’s called “spicy black” is because it has black pepper in it, as shown on the side of the bottle.

spicy black 2


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