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East Meets Old West

One of my buddies (and also fellow coworker), started his own clothing company called Yancha Digs. It’s philosophy is the mixture of samurai culture and skateboarding culture. They have all kinds of cool designs mixing the two together in interesting ways. Recently I got a shirt from them which throws together two of my favourite things.

Clint Eastwood and samurai swords. How perfect is this combination! Especially since the “Man with no name” character was based on some Kurosawa samurai movies to begin with. Currently this shirt is classified as a prototype, and not for sale, but there are lots of other cool designs on the site and more being created all the time. So check out they’re site and buy something if you like it. They have all kinds of stuff, T-shirts, hoodies, even skate decks. It’s all available at Yancha Digs.


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Check out this really cool Cashern T-shirt from Uniqlo. I think it goes really well with my two Gatchaman shirts. I was a little worried about the light blue color, but was entranced by the cool picture. Once again I couldn’t resist.

cashern t


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Gatchaman T

Also at Uniqlo they have these really awesome Gatchaman T-Shirts. Everyone already knows I’m super crazy about Gatchaman (otherwise known as “Battle of the Planets” or “G-Force”. I got this black one showing the whole team in action.

gatchaman t

And this white one that has the Gatchaman logo on the front.

gatchaman t2 1

It also has silhouettes of the team on the back.

Gatchaman t2 2


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More Goonies

Recently I got a really cool Goonies T-Shirt. Well I think I’ve got an even better one now.

goonies t shirt 2


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Goonies R Good Enough

I haven’t only been buying video game T-shirts, I also scored this really cool “Goonies” shirt! It’s also available at Uniqlo.



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For the past couple months Uniqlo has a special line of game inspired T-shirts called “UT X Japan Game”. This has led me to buy a ton of new T-shirts. I thought I would share some of the ones that I’ve gotten so far. You can click on each picture to get a slightly better view. Enjoy!


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Toe Socks

In Japan believe it or not socks with separate toes is common. You can buy them pretty much at any store that sells clothing here. I was curious about them, so I asked some of my students how they were. All of the ones who wore them said they were very comfortable. Being one to try out new things I decided to purchase a pair a Uniqlo.

You can see the label here with a cute drawing of the toes socks. I also got the dry version. Uniqlo has this great line of clothing called “Dry” and it really works good. It keeps itself and you skin dry. My feet don’t never sweat in these “Dry” sock. It’s really good for summer time. Here’s a picture of them on my feet.

At first it felt really weird. Almost like I wasn’t wearing socks at all. I got used to them after a while. They’re especially comfortable when you’re wearing shoes. The only problem with them is when you put them on you have to make sure the toes go in their right holes. You can’t just slip them on like normal socks.

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