Yesterday I just got back from a four-day holiday in Seoul, Korea. It was pretty fun, but also extremely tiring. Seoul is a super busy place, packed to bursting with people. Kind of like Tokyo, but even more amped up.

Above are a couple of pictures of Myeongdong. One of the most popular shopping districts. This was actually when the area was quiet. A couple of hours later it was wall to wall people. My favourite part of Seoul was the food. Not just the Korean food, but all the choices. It makes Japan look terrible in comparison. Any given area of town offered a variety of international food choices. Especially in Itaewon it was like stepping into a different country. I even saw a Tacobell (which will sadly probably never appear in Japan. The Mexican food situation in Japan is dire to say the least. Every place I’ve tried has bordered on awful).

We went to a food market one day and we had some really cheap and extremely delicious chijimi and bibimbap.

I also saw Lotteria, which is a very popular chain in Japan. It actually originates in Korea. Lotte, the company that owns it is one of the biggest companies in Korea.

I have a few more photos on the way of Gyeongbokgung Palace, so come again to check them out.



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  1. While living in tokyo, Japan, we got a chance to visit Seoul as well – Korea is a popular destination for Japanese (due to the close distance and not to mention the popularity of Korean dramas and K-Pop). I can’t believe that visit was almost 4 years ago!

    Speaking of Lotte, did you get a chance to visit Lotte World (an indoor theme-park)?

    • Unfortunately we didn’t have time to go to Lotte world. Even though the trip was for 4 days, we actually only had two full days there.

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