Big America 3

Yep, the Big America series is back at Mcdonald’s again. This time sadly there is no return of the Texas burger (my favourite). This time we have The Grand Canyon burger.

I’ve already had this one. It’s pretty good, a little bit similar to the Texas burger. The sauce is steak sauce, so the flavour is not as zingy as the Texas burger.  The next burger will be Las Vegas burger later this month.

Followed by the Broadway burger.

And finally the Beverly Hills burger.

All of these look pretty good. I’m looking forward to trying them.  The last time they had Big America I never wrote about the last two burgers they had. We had the big earthquake here in Tohoku and I didn’t feel up to writing about burgers at the time. Anyways now is the time to do it. Below is the Manhattan burger.

It had smoked meat on it, and was really really good. Unfortunately I only tried it once. I’d say it would be one of my favourites. Lastly is the Miami burger.

It had tortilla chips and taco meat on it. I don’t really see what that has to do with Miami. I would have pictured something more Cuban actually. It was delicious anyways. The only defect was it was so messy. The taco meat would fall out so easily. The crunch of the tortilla chips was nice though. As in the past I’ll follow up with the new burgers as they come out. Stay tuned.



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2 responses to “Big America 3

  1. Ian

    Some of those burgers look pretty good… To bad we don’t get them in Canada..

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