Last night I finally got to see the new Tintin movie!! It was really good. Speilberg did a good job preserving the feeling of the original comic books. I did see the movie in 3D (it was really expensive, 1600yen!!), and it was so beautiful. The CG was amazing. It was so detailed, and being in 3D really made it pop. I totally recommend it to everyone, especially if you like adventure movies.By the way keep an eye out for Herge at the start of the movie.

P.S. My Dragon Quest Museum post is sill incoming. I’ve been having a bit of PC trouble recently and my desktop is off being repaired. I’ll get it done soon.



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2 responses to “Tintin

  1. Ian

    It is funny that this movie is already out in Japan but not yet in Canada or the US. I plan to see it when it does comes out.

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