Rohan au Louvre

I got this book recently. It’s a special one-shot story by the Jojo author, Hirohiko Araki. The title is “Rohan au Louvre”, and as you can tell it’s in French.

It’s a special collaboration between Araki and the famous Louvre museum. The story is really entertaining. Kind of a mystery story with some paranormal elements. Of course Rohan is one of the main characters in Jojo part 4, which makes it a Jojo story, and thus a little weird. I have to say the colour artwork is so beautiful to look at.

It almost makes me wish Jojo was always in colour.

By the way the latest Jojo part started recently. The title is “Jojolion”.

The interesting thing is it takes place in Miyagi after the recent big earthquake. The author did this in tribute to Miyagi since he a native of the area. In fact he has set the series in Miyagi before. I think it’s really cool that he’s done this. Of course he’s probably the only one that could do it properly, being from here and all.


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