I went to the Alps festival in Kakuda this weekend. They have really good fireworks for a small town festival. I wanted to try taking some photos of the fireworks. I had mixed result, but it was the first time (damn my shaky hands). Next time will be better for sure. I did however take a couple of strange photos that I kind of liked so here they are.



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4 responses to “Fireworks

  1. That’s better than I could have done handheld. Maybe it’s time for a tripod.

    • The only problem with a tripod for me is carrying it around. Maybe if I can find a really small and light one that isn’t so small that it becomes useless. I’ll have to go take a look at Yodobashi or something.

      • Be careful with the light ones though … they can be shaky. I have an old one you can have if you want it. The head is crooked though and it’s not that small.

        • I was looking at even the really small ones at the shop, and my laziness fully came out, and I realized no matter how small it is I would probably never carry it with me. Thanks for the offer though.

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