Koh Samet

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’ve been pretty sick for almost the past month with a cold, and didn’t feel up to it. Anyways here’s the last of the Thailand photos. They are of Koh Samet, which is a resort island. We were lucky enough (thanks to the generosity of my brother) to stay a the gorgeous five-star resort Paradee. It was truly amazing! It was a private beach only for guests (which meant it was quiet and peaceful). Most of the time there was only five or six people on it at any given time. I went snorkeling for the first time and saw lots of tropical fish, giant clams, and coral. Here’s the photos.

Our villa and the hotel.

The other side of the island which is open to the public is what you would call more rustic. It’s also a hell of a lot busier.

The little statue below was on of many outside of the police station in Koh Samet. It seemed to be a thing there. I saw other places that had them, including a doctor’s office.



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10 responses to “Koh Samet

  1. Keith

    hey, how much AC did you use? Our electricity bill was almost double from your visit.

  2. EMom

    Keith, the main thing is that Eric and Yurie had a fantastic time in Thailand with both of you. Stop being a cheap bugger! You can’t put a price on family time spent together. It’s like when you come and visit us and use our cell phone. We are always thrilled to see our sons and their gals.
    Just wait til Dad and I come to visit you and use the AC! Koh Samet looks like paradise. We look forward to going there.

    • Keith

      Did you see the resort, I don’t think I was being a cheap bugger, plus Eric ate some of the best Ham he’s ever had.

      • EMom

        Keith, I was only teasing you to get your goat and I see that I did succeed. You are a wonderful brother to your brothers. Thanks for showing Eric and Yurie a fantastic time in Bangkok.
        Also you don’t have to take us to Koh Samet if we do go to Thailand. It is very expensive.

      • That ham was something special I tell you!

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