Our first morning in Bangkok we were greeted by torrential rain storms and flash floods. I started worrying that this was an ill omen of the week to come. The weather  for the week actually turned out to be the complete opposite. It was sunny and nice the whole time. The flooding was quite interesting though. Check a quick video I filmed while we were driving.

By the way all of the water was gone in like an hour or so.



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9 responses to “Floods

  1. Oh man…you’re not having good luck with weather/natural phenomena this year.

  2. keith

    that happens like every second day in the rainy season, it was much worse one day last week.

  3. Ku Ri Su

    The same thing happened to me when I went to Thailand. The skies would open up and it would come poring down. Then there would be a flood for 20 minutes and then it would be all gone and dry in another 20.

  4. Hey you’re in Bangkok? awesome ..luckily the weather cleared up for you after that eh. Its rainy in Thailand but its been terribly hot down here in Malaysia UGH …

  5. Well the temperature today was around 31 and thats too hot for me in my current condition, combine that with the haze its terrible. Hope you had a great time in Thailand though despite the heatwave 🙂

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