For golden week the wife and I took a trip to Thailand. We were visiting my brother who lives there. It was a fantastic time! I think Thailand is super cool, and the food is definitely better and cheaper than Japan (I find Japanese food to be a tad bit boring). Anyways here’s some photos I took in Bangkok. More to come in the future.



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5 responses to “Bangkok

  1. Interesting, i laugh when I saw the MC Donald clown pic!!!Fast food took over the world….

    • I thought it was interesting too. He’s doing a traditional Thai pose.

      • What I like with the MC Donald in different country is that they are adapted with the local culture and food. For instance, I went to Canada and the Mac Donalds over there have Baked cheese fries; it`s something you won`t see in the U.S.

  2. Keith

    Let’s see some more pics

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