Well we had another sizable earthquake they other day. Our area had started making steady progress repairing the damage of the first big earthquake, but a lot of that was thrown away. Once again the trains have stopped running (they only actually ran not even one day of semi-full service). The power went out the night of the earthquake for many hours, and we have lost all of our running water for the past few days. So basically I’m filthy again, and have to line up for drinking water yet again. I’m really starting to question Japan’s effectiveness in these situations. Updates and answers are few and far between. The usual answer is that it is unknown when services will return. I don’t really think it’s an acceptable answer really. Don’t believe the news when you see those photos that the Japanese media has been pushing of the highway being fixed in a few days, because most of everything else has remained broken. I also think that a country that has frequent earthquakes shouldn’t rely on trains for all of their public transport. A reasonably strong earthquake damages the whole system and it goes down for days or even weeks at a time. Not such a good idea really. I remember three years ago we had a strong earthquake (not bad at all though compared to recently), and the trains ran slow for just over two months. Maybe adding some other transport to supplement the trains would be smart. Actually the whole infrastructure in Japan probably needs rethinking. The recent earthquakes are proof of that.

Oh, by the way our broken wall finally fell down after the large earthquake the other day.



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9 responses to “Again!?

  1. Malcolm Y

    Fucking earthquakes! we shall overcome.Anyway, may the force be with you ,Eric.

  2. Ian

    Japan keeps shaking.Another earthquake today. I guess just after you posted this.

  3. Yeah, I was thinking the 3 day road repair was misleading. This was a huge disaster but it seems that Japanese government was not as prepared as they should have been. It would have been worse had the US Military not helped open Sendai airport or flew in supplies to remote shelters that Japan SDF had not reached.

    • From my perspective it seems like they weren’t prepared at all. Proof of this was on the day of the big accident so many people were stranded downtown in Sendai due to the trains not running. It took them over ten hours to start to cobble together some buses to get people home. Kinda terrible I’d say. I don’t see how Japanese people could complain about having the US military stationed in Japan after all of the help that they’ve given. I had heard of one instance where the US army restored power to a town in one hour, where as the power company had been unsuccessful in fixing it in over a week. Pretty impressive!

  4. Ku Ri Su

    Keep you chin up Eric. Hopefully you can get to your drinking party. If not, this would be your best chance to convince Yurie to keep a substantial supply at home in case of emergencies like this. 😉

    Keep posting, it is nice to hear from someone who is actually there. We try to catch what we can from the slingbox we have hooked up, but that is all media hype.

    I understand your frustrations. Everyone’s impressions of Japan is that they are very efficient. That isn’t always the case.

  5. Just be prepared for the next big aftershock. I have read that earthquakes usually have an aftershock one level below the big one, which means an 8.

    I’ve stocked up with water, food, and propane. I’m probably not prepared yet though.

    • Well we kind of already had aftershocks close to that level. I’m hoping it won’t be so bad in the future. At my house I think we’re pretty well prepared. Even on the day of the initial earthquake we had about 30 litres of water. We often get spring water from the local mountain so it was very convenient whne the earthquake happened.

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