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My wife and the in-laws took another drive to Watari today. I just stayed home, so I gave my camera to the wife and told her to take some photos. It’s pretty crazy the destruction.



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14 responses to “More From Watari

  1. Thank you for sharing these. They’re difficult to look at, but thank you.

    • I think it’s important for people overseas to see pictures like these, so they can understand how much help Japan needs right now.

      • A friend and I looked at these together. She’s from Fukushima… Our university hasn’t reached out to her at all. It makes me sick. We’re selling t-shirts on campus to raise money for the Red Cross. Doing something gives her the emotional strength to go on.

  2. Wow. My wife has family in Shiogama and Ishinomaki. It sounds like the ones in Ishinomaki have a lot of work to do now that their house is probably unlivable. I really want to go to help out somehow.

    On TV, I saw a car that was on top of a two story building on the coast of Iwate. The Iwate coast has signs indicating where the tsunami of the Chili earthquake in the 1960s came to and this one went much, much beyond that.

  3. I wonder how the area will recover. I hope it does and I hope a lot of people don’t mover away permanently.

  4. Ku Ri Su

    My wife and I were watching and we saw a town that was completely decimated. She was telling that this happened before in the 60’s after an earthquake in Chile. The town was wiped out then and they had a choice to move the town or to rebuild it with a big wall to protect it from future tsunamis. They decided to rebuild with a wall. Unfortunately the wall wasn’t big enough for this wave. Very sad. I wonder what they will do this time.

    • Watari also had kind of a sea wall too. I had seen it when I went to the beach. It didn’t seem to help much either, but there really isn’t a solution when the wave is so high.

  5. Hey, Eric.
    I know that we don’t each other very well, but may my little group use some of these photos to raise awareness for the quake victims in Japan. We’ll give you full credit for your work.

  6. People in Japan seem to be able to rebuild after any disaster. I hope these towns make a comeback. It’ll be difficult, I know. But it amazes me how Japanese people can carry on and rebuild.

  7. karen yamauchi

    Thanks for posting these pictures. I have distant relatives there who we’ve stayed in touch with over the years, having gotten to know them while I lived in Japan briefly. We have talked on the phone–they in their decent but broken english, and me in my kindergarten japanese. When I told my “uncle” that they should leave the area, he explained how complicated it was because of gas, and his “panic-sickened” daughters who did not want to get into the car. We have sent them 100’s of pounds of canned goods and a docimeter. We are trying now to help with the Watari Schools, and hope to link them up with American schools who are willing to donate supplies. If you have any pictures of the schools or the children attending schools, or have any way of getting together a list of needed supplies, I can arrange to send them.

    • Sorry I don’t have any pictures of the kids going to school. I think everyone is on holidays still. They had almost finished the school year when the earthquake happened, so they actually had a few weeks of holidays coming anyways.

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