My in-laws took a drive over to Watari the other day. It’s one of the places that was hit by the tsunami last Friday. The town lies just twenty minutes or so from Kakuda on the other side of the mountain. They took some pictures, which aren’t great, but they still show some of the tsunami damage in the area.



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5 responses to “Watari

  1. Amazing and scary. Good thing you were not in the immediate tsunami zone. Have you thought about what you would have done had you been in that area at the time of the quake. I picture myself being there and wondering how quickly I would be able to get to higher ground. Frightening.

    • I was in the that area I have no idea what I would have done to avoid the tsunami. In country side most places are only two floors high. In Kakuda we only have a few buildings higher than two floors. I know in Watari they have even less. It’s quite scary to think about.

  2. Are you doing OK, Eric?
    I’ve been really worried about you and your wife.
    If you need anything from the States, let me know.

    • We’re actually doing ok so far. The grocery stores are starting to get back to normal, and we almost have running water. Gasoline is till rare though. Could be worse though.

  3. Wow, that really is frightening. Hope it doesn’t get any worse over there.

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