I’ve been experimenting a lot with my new camera. I got a T-mount so I could hook it up directly to my telescope. It works really good. I was able to take a few moon shots really easily. Here’s one of them.

I also tried taking some pictures of the Orion nebula. I was only semi successful. You can see the nebula, but only faintly.

Not bad for a first attempt. Considering it’s over 20 light years away, I think I did OK. Taking photos of nebula are quite difficult to do useless you’re willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money. I’m definitely going to try again though. Next time I’ll shoot in RAW (I forgot to this time), and I’ll try to do it when it’s not a full moon out so the sky will be extra dark. There’s supposed to be a new moon on Friday, so if weather is permitting I might try again. By the way you can larger version by clicking on the photos.



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18 responses to “Space

  1. Keith

    IT’s also better if it is late in the night, in the evening there tends to be more winds which can lead to more atmospheric distortion in your image. Also, if you have a tripod, take several images and integrate them with software, that should improve your SNR in your image

    • It’s actually impossible to see Orion late at night. at this time. It’s only visible in the early evening (the stars actually move pretty fast when you look at them with a telescope). What actually matters it how high it is in the sky when you’re looking at it. So if it’s right above then the atmosphere won’t be a problem. I did download a stacking program but I didn’t have enough good pictures to use it.

  2. Ian

    Also to add on Keith’s post. If you hold your camera and telescope upside down the pictures will be so much clearer…:) Keith, like Eric really is going to stay up all night to take a picture.

    Eric great pics

    • How does holding it upside down help? I’m curious. My telescope actually already show the picture upside down. I use a reflector mirror to turn it right side up, but when I’m taking pictures I don’t use the mirror.

      • Ian

        Eric it was a joke… I guess you didn’t see the smiley face at the end of the sentence. Now I’m picturing you holding your camera upside down…LOL

  3. Off topic…
    but are you OK after the big earthquake today?

  4. cuteandcurls

    I hope you and family are safe from the earthquake and the tsunami disaster. Thoughts and prayers for you and family.

  5. tornadoes28

    Haven’t heard from you. Hope you are all ok. This looks really bad where you are.

  6. Ku Ri Su

    Hope you guys are okay. I know you are pretty far inland and should be safe.
    I talked to Erika’s family in Hakodate and they are all okay.
    Post when you get a chance. Gambatte!!!

  7. Ian

    I just heard from Eric and they are doing okay… Just no power or no phone and stuff…

  8. tornadoes28

    Glad to hear that.

  9. cuteandcurls

    Thank goodness

  10. Ku Ri Su

    Thanks for letting us know. We appreciate it.

  11. Athlonx

    Glad to hear.

  12. Tk

    Hello, how are you?? I’m scare cause that earthquake, but I hope you’re okay

  13. EMom

    We received this email below from Eric, sent on March 15 at 1411 hrs from his home in Kakuda:
    no we haven’t been evacuted. we ‘re 50km away. we still have no internet power gasoline and telephone. still no water either. still ok though.

  14. JJ

    I am tracking photobloggers in the Sendai area.

    Please feel free to email me, if it is at all possible.

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