Idaho and Texas2

I mentioned before that McDonald’s Japan was going to have a second round of their “Big America”. Well I’ve tried the first two so far. The first was the “Texas2” burger.

It’s pretty similar to the old Texas burger, except it has chili and sliced onions on it instead of BBQ sauce and fried onions. I thought it was very good, but the original Texas burger edges it out due to my love of the BBQ sauce on it.

Number two is called the “Idaho” burger. The reason probably being the hash brown in the burger.

The burger also has a mustard mayo relish, bacon, cheese, and BBQ sauce on it. At first I was a little apprehensive about potato on a burger, but it actually turned out to be pretty damn good. Probably very high calorie though. The next one is “Miami”, which supposedly has taco meat on it. It just started yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to try. I’ll give my opinion on at a later date.



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8 responses to “Idaho and Texas2

  1. If you try the new one, can you take a picture? The burgers I get never look half as good as the ones in the ads, but some people have said theirs looked good, so…just wondering if I’m going to crappy locations.

    • The ones I get more often don’t look like the ones in the ad. It’s rare when they do. Maybe I’m going to bad locations too. They still taste good though.

  2. Did you get McNuggets and coffee for only ¥200 while you were there?

  3. Disgusting. American exporting it’s obese diet to Japan.

    • Trust me these burgers actually have very little to do with America. It’s the same as all foreign type food in Japan, it’s what Japanese think American food is like (but it’s actually not). Have you ever seen any burgers like this in America? I haven’t.

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