The Eagle’s Nest

Here’s some photos of the Eagle’s Nest, which was Adolf Hitler’s mountain retreat. It’s quite near the small town of Berchtesgaden. The area was quite beautiful, but you won’t really get to see it in the photos because it was so rainy and foggy. Some of the photos are of Berchtesgaden itself.

Above and below is the tunnel leading to the elevator to get to the Eagle’s Nest. We were already super high up in the mountains at this point.

You can kind of see the Eagle’s Nest  at the top of the mountain here.

Here’s Berchtesgaden.

They had a really stage two colored river there. It was really weird!

It was actually two rivers merging together.



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4 responses to “The Eagle’s Nest

  1. Keith

    If you want to see some nice pics of it check out my Flickr (South of Germany photoset), we hiked up to it last spring all the what from Berchtesgarden, it took a full day to get up and down. Unlike you though for a short period the clouds cleared so you can actually see Salzburg in the distance.

    • Yeah, I had actually seen those photos well before my trip. I was kind of hoping to see that kind of view, but the weather was not my friend that day. I rained like hell!

  2. Bee

    So. damn. jealous!
    (regardless of weather…)

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