New Camera

While I was in Tokyo a week ago I decided to go down to Akihabara , and pick up new camera. I had become unhappy with the quality of the photos my Canon g10 was taking. It was great in the daylight, but in low light situations it usually fell short. Putting out very noisy photos. So I did lots of research about all kinds of models and finally I decided on a Sony Nex 3.

The Nex kind of combines the best of the SLR and compact camera worlds. It gives you the same image quality of an SLR in a compact camera size. The cameras body is super slim and light! In fact the heaviest part is the lenses, which you can change just like an SLR. I got the kit with both of the starter lenses. The big one is a 18 – 55 mm zoom and the  more compact one is a 16 mm wide-angle.

It can do all kinds of cool things like sweep panoramas, twilight modes, HDR, and even take video in 720p. You can see how thin the body is. Even with the heavier zoom lens attached, it’s still lighter than my G10.

With the 16 mm attached it actually fits really easily into a jacket pocket. It also feels pretty light too. Below you can see a macro photo I took of one of the flowers in our garden (yes they are still blooming even though it’s almost February!). Click on it for a larger view.

Now here’s a direct comparison of my two cameras, shooting almost the same scene at 1600 ISO You can really see the difference in colors. Plus the Nex photo has barely any noise. The G10 shot is a noise fest!

Sony Nex 3

Canon G10

The Nex has a sensor on it over three times the size or the G10 (Nex 23.4mm x 15.6 mm, G10 7.6mm x 5.32mm). It definitely helps in low light situations.If you want to see more photos taken with my Nex, just scroll down a bit. All of the pictures I took in Shibamata were taken with the Nex.



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9 responses to “New Camera

  1. Looks like a very nice camera, can I ask how much it cost? Also, I can’t see the rest of the pictures (you indicated to “scroll down a bit”, but there is nothing else in the post.

    • Oh sorry! When I said scroll down. I meant look at the my last post I did about Shibamata. It’s right below.

      The camera costs about 70000 yen (that’s the two lens kit), but that’s the price for the overseas model. Sony has decided that if you want English menus, and you live in Japan they have the right to gouge you a bit. It’s not really fair to their customers.

  2. Ian

    Cool Camara.. That price isn’t that bad. Henrys in Canada have them on sale for $600 Canadian with the 18-55 lens and then the 16mm lens is $300. I can’t tell but make sure to get some UV filters on those lens to protect those lenses but you probably already know that.

  3. Ooooooh your camera looks great. I wish I have the same love for Sony but for some reason Sony always fail to disappoint me. I’ve never owned one but Ive used my sister’s Sony a couple of times just for a trial run. The glitch I noticed about it and I also noticed with 2 of my friends Sony is that the camera after awhile of usage when you switch it on, it vibrates so when you try and take a shot of anything the photo just blurs and this takes awhile to go ..

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