This past weekend the wife and I headed down to Tokyo for a visit. I was mostly to go to the Canadian embassy, since my passport is expiring in a few months. While we were there we went all the way to Shibamata, to check it out. It’s an older part of Tokyo where they filmed the Tora-san movies. In fact the first thing you see when you get off the train is a statue of Tora-san.

This area still has older feeling to it. The shopping street probably hasn’t changed since the 40’s.

In front of this old style candy store there was a vending machine made to look like a robot. How cool is that!

There’s also a nice temple at the end of the shopping street, which featured heavily in the first Tora-san movie.

You can also go to the Tora-san museum. It has this really cute statue out in front of it.

You can see a trailer from the first Tora-san movie below. This series had 48 movies! That’s a hell of a lot!



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4 responses to “Shibamata

  1. Don’t they have a Canadian consulate in Sendai so you don’t have to come all the way to Tokyo just to visit the embassy?

    Anyways, if you’re gonna stay in Japan you should get a “Permanent Resident” visa…it’s been awhile since I had to worry about my visa or even passport expiring (unless I want to go overseas…which I seldom do).

    Anyways, I was surprised that you went to Shibamata. I go there often.

    I wrote a couple posts about that area…here’s one with photos and videos:

    • I might get the Permanent Resident visa someday. I need a passport because I like to travel a lot. I need to escape Japan at least once a year (or more if I can afford it).

  2. Ku Ri Su

    He looks like the “Columbo” of Japan.

    just one more thing…

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