Busy Busy

Now you might be wondering why there haven’t been any posts in almost a month. ‘What the hell happened to him?’ you’re thinking. Well the lack of any work on my blog can be answered with two reasons. No, it’s not because work is so busy, or some sort of crisis. The simple answer is “Rock Band 3” and “Gran Turismo 5”! At the beginning of the month Rock Band 3 came out, and thus began my total obsession with playing it every waking moment.

I had previously written about my love of the older incarnations of Rock Band, so this was no surprise at all. The addition of a new instrument to play didn’t help either.

Yes, they added keyboards! Opening the world of Rock Band to various piano, synth, or organ based music. Hell I can play songs by New Order and other great 80’s bands now. Considering New Order is one of my favourite bands, that’s pretty awesome.

Later this month I was starting to cool down on Rock Band, but what decided to rear its head after almost six years of development? Gran Turismo 5!

My favourite race game of all time. Needless to say this month was properly gone to games. I’m still quite rabidly addicted to GT5, and even considering getting a racing wheel for my PS3. This can’t turn out well….



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5 responses to “Busy Busy

  1. I wish that I could use video games as my excuse for not posting recently!
    School, two jobs and a Masters thesis. Blah!
    Hey, has this Japan->US one pound shipping limit affected Canada? It’s so loopy! I can send whatever I want to Mrs. Naodragonpeach, but she can’t send me anything over 453 grams!

    • I hear about those crazy weight limits for the US. As far as I know it doesn’t affect Canada. From what I’ve read it’s a restriction being set by the US, due to some sort of terrorism stuff. It sucks that they decided to do this right before Christmas too!

  2. Keith

    That looks more like a keytar to me

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