Euro Chicken

McDonald’s Japan recently has had a new series of chicken sandwiches based on various European cuisines. The series is strangely called “I-con Chicken”. The first release was “Cheese Fondue”.

It was good, but the sauce was more like a cheese flavoured pasta sauce, and not a real cheese fondue. Number two is the delectable “German Sausage”.

I really liked this one with a nice German sausage patty and mustard. I think there might have been some sauerkraut on it too. The last two haven’t even come out yet. They are “Diavolo”.

and “Carbonara”.

I’m really looking forward to “Diavolo”, since it’s supposed to be spicy. I do love me some spicy stuff!

UPDATE! I had the “Diavolo” sandwich today, and it was really good. So far it’s my favorite of the bunch.



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10 responses to “Euro Chicken

  1. EMom

    Ian will be licking his chops when he sees this posting. He would probably like the German sausage chicken sandwich too.

  2. Ian

    Yes, they look good. I wish Mcdonalds in Canada had these..

  3. Ian

    Maybe sometime next year I’ll come visit you. Just have to wait and see..

  4. >I had the “Diavolo” sandwich today, and it was really good.

    Did they change them yesterday? The poster says that the Diabolo will become available in early November and I guess changing them on the weekend makes sense.

    I tried the first two and I plan to try the Diabolo too. Like you, I like spicy food.

    The German Sausage one was good…but I liked the Fondue one better. I like cheese a lot.

  5. Damn it! You make me miss Japanese fast food so much!

  6. Melissa

    I went last summer in Japan but back then they didn’t had those sandwiches. I would love to try the Diavolo and the Carbonara they sound deliciousssssss.

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