Here’s another manga recommendation. It’s by the same artist as Vagabond (which I previously wrote about here), Takehiko Inoue. It’s about wheel chair basketball. Which is a rare topic in any sort of media. The story focuses on three young men whose lives have been affected in different ways by debilitating injury. The first losing a leg to cancer. The second causing a motorcycle accident that led to someone being paralyzed. The third being paralyzed in a traffic accident. All three are struggling to come to terms with their own lots in life. It all comes together around the sport of wheel chair basketball. The series is quite touching, inspiring, and quite heartbreaking. It’s extremely well written. I think it could be one of Inoue’s best series. It’s a very well-developed character piece, and the characters feel real. Don’t expect any over the top manga action here though. Just serious (but sometimes a little funny) drama. You can find the series around the internet translated into English. Currently the series is up to nine volumes.



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  1. The first time I heard of Takehiko Inoue, it was Slam Dunk which I enjoyed thoroughly. His work Vagabond was pretty good too. I think this manga Real sounds like a very good read ..i hope i get to read it online one of these days if anyone are kind enough to upload and download them. Thanks for the recommendation.

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