Ultra Cool

I found these funny illustration from the 1960’s of Ultraman on the internet. Ultraman being a Japanese hero/alien type guy who’s always saving the world from alien monsters. The kids at my school all love him so much. I highly doubt that parents would approve of some of these drawings nowadays.

Especially this one where he slicing the poor monsters arm off.

Ultraman leaving a wake of dead monsters.

Why is the turtle riding the tank!?

The monsters even fight among themselves. How counter productive! You won’t destroy the world that way!

The turtle is still hitching a ride!?! Is he part tank or something? Hey wait a second Ultraman isn’t even in half of these!



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5 responses to “Ultra Cool

  1. cuteandcurls

    Awwww man if my 4 year old nephew sees this, he’ll get all excited as hes a huge Ultraman fan!!

  2. I think the turtle is a part of the tank, not taking a ride. I can read the Japanease kanji’Kyouryu Sensha’ above the turtle’s back on the third picture, that means ‘Dinosaur Tank’. So, it’s not a turtle! Haha

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