Happy 25th

Today 25 years ago on September 13th 1985, Super Mario Bros. was released in Japan. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. Cheers Mario!  Happy Birthday! To celebrate Nintendo is releasing a sweet Mario collection in Japan. The box is really nice.

Check out the video below to see the history of the Super Mario series.



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6 responses to “Happy 25th

  1. How did you find out that Mario turned 25 yesterday? From the TV commercial?
    I learned about it from the TV commercial yesterday.

    I wrote a post too:

  2. Ku Ri Su

    It is funny how the order was different in Japan than in Canada. I remember Mario #2 coming out here but before Mario #3, but that wasn’t the case in Japan.

    I need to get the new Wii games.

    • Yeah in Japan they had a different Mario 2. We got it on the SNES in the Mario All-stars collection. It was called “Lost levels”. In Japan our Mario 2 was actually not even a Mario game. It was called “Doki Doki Panic” and starred some Arabian characters. Nintendo changed the characters to Mario for the US. That’s why the game plays so different than the other games. They did however get our version eventually and it was called “Super Mario USA”.

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