Here’s the first post of some of my European photos. I have too many to put all of them here, so it’ll the ones I like best. I’ll be doing them by city, and I thought I’d start with Brussels. Enjoy!



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9 responses to “Brussels

  1. Looks like a very beautiful city (never been there) – thanks for sharing your great pictures. Haven’t been in Europe for awhile now, makes me want to visit again soon!

  2. EMom

    Eric, Dad and I went to Brussels in 2002. When we visited the beautiful grand square, they were having a celebration and there was a rock band playing in the square that evening. Lots of people there. Our hotel was only 3-4 blocks from the square and Manneken Pis.

    • Our hotel was also close by. It was two blocks from the grand square, and one block from the Manneken Pis. There was supposed to be a festival in the square the next day, but we had to go to France.

  3. Ian

    Nice pictures. I really like the ones taking just after sunset with the way the sky is.

    • I actually had to fake the darkness a bit by dialing down the exposure to -2 and then purposefully using a lower ISO setting. Even though it was almost 10 pm it was still super bright out.

  4. I definitely want to go to Europe sometime. I’m sure you have tons of interesting pictures sitting on your computer.

  5. I didnt know you were on a Euro trip. Your photos look great, cant wait to see the others. Ive not been to Belgium nor France (nearly did France but backed out at the last minute many eons ago :-P) I cant wait to see your Germany photos though as I like Germany alot. I was suppose to go there last month but didnt get to do so 😦 so mostly spent 5 weeks in the UK instead.

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