The Return

Well I’ve actually been back for a couple of days now (but much too lazy to do anything). The trip was quite good, and we saw a lot of really cool things. I’ll be posting some pictures as soon as I bother to get them off my camera. The only dark spot of the trip was the dreaded Moscow airport!!

I’ve edited the picture above (not taken by me) to more reflect the general feeling while in Moscow airport. It was the worst travel experience of my life. On the way to Europe we had a luxurious 3 hours to transfer to our connecting flight. Little did we know that it would take almost 3 hours of lining up at various security, passport, and useless time-wasting checks. It seemed to be a Russian labor law that only one person can be working at any given post at anytime. This made the lines slower than a normal human being can perceive. Add to that the sketchiness,the filth, and the lack of air conditioning, and you’ve got a wonderful 3 hours ahead of you.

The worst part however was going through that experience and knowing that on our return we only had 1 hour of transfer time! Being very fearful we braced for the worst. Our plane arrived at Moscow actually a bit early, but that wasn’t enough. The same conditions awaited. Thankfully we were taken around a couple of security checks, because we were going to miss our plane if we waited in line. We did however still have to go through a few of them, making us do a last-minute sprint to our gate before they shut the doors, and left us in Hell.

The clincher however was arriving in Tokyo and finding out that our bags were still on a runway in Moscow! Every person on the flight from Amsterdam, had their baggage left behind. It took three full days before we would see them again. Thankfully they arrived safely.

So the lesson here is, if you EVER have to fly somewhere don’t fly through Moscow airport. Pay the extra money and transfer somewhere else. Trust me it’s worth it! I myself swore that I will never set foot in the country of Russia ever again. That’s how bad it was.



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2 responses to “The Return

  1. EMom

    Eric, how much did you save on plane tickets by connecting thru Moscow? I guess that it certainly wasn’t worth it.

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