Chicken, Chicken, Chicken

Apparently in a bid to try to crush KFC’s hold on the fast food chicken market, McDonald’s Japan has now added three new chicken items to their menu. The best being the mysteriously named “Aurora” chicken burger.

Apparently the sauce is called “aurora” sauce, hence the sandwiches name. I thought the sauce tasted strangely similar to the Big Macs sauce……Anyways chicken and bacon is always a great idea.

The also good, but subtly flavored  “Salt & Lemon” chicken burger is no bad either. I just wish the lemon flavor was a bit stronger.

Lastly they have some new chicken strips, called “Juicy Chicken Selects”. I’m not really a big fan of these. They’re quite fatty actually. Too fatty for my liking.

You’d actually be surprised at how much Japanese people love super fatty meat. And I mean really love it! Who says Japanese people have healthy diets? They obviously haven’t seen the tower burger!



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2 responses to “Chicken, Chicken, Chicken

  1. While downtown today I tried the salt and lemon burger – mine was pretty heavy [greasy]. I guess I should eat more fast food to keep my stomach in shape.

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