Dragon Quest IX

This past weekend Dragon Quest IX was finally released in English, almost a year after the Japanese version. Any long time readers of my blog will know that I’m crazy about Dragon Quest. I managed to acquire a copy, and I have to say it’s quite fantastic. So far I’ve sunk almost 14 hours into it! The story is quite good, and I really like that the appearance of your characters change when you change equipment. You can make them look really cool and cute! The only bad part is since it came out so long ago in Japan, I can’t seem to be able to use the WiFi tag mode where you can meet other players when you’re walking around town, because no one here is still playing it! I tried it on Monday walking around Sendai in some of the busiest sections of town, but came up with zilch. Oh well. The trailer is below. The theme music is so good, it always gets me excited!



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4 responses to “Dragon Quest IX

  1. I already put my pre-order in. Have to wait till Friday though since the UK gets a late release… Can’t wait!

    • Well we had to wait around a year for the English release, so one more week isn’t so bad. Imagine being surrounded by people playing it for such a long time, and you can’t. It was torture!!

  2. Are the English and Japanese versions compatible? Perhaps that’s the reason you’re not getting any maps.

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