Hot and Spicy!!

Lotteria added a couple new things to their menu recently. In the fine tradition of Japanese fast food adding spicy items during the summer, they now have a “Tandoori Chicken” burger.

Looks yummy doesn’t it? Well I’ve had it and it’s amazing to say the least. It’s surprisingly spicy for Japanese fast food, and the chicken is amazingly authentic tasting. They also added “Hot Fried Chicken”.

It’s also very good, and pretty cheap at only 120 yen. About a month ago they also started serving this monster too…

The ten patties, “Tower Burger”. I don’t know who would be crazy enough to eat this, but thankfully the size is adjustable. The burger actually starts at two patties, and the price climbs as each one is added. The full ten costing a whopping 990 yen!! That’s an expensive burger! I ate just the double, and it was pretty delicious.



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6 responses to “Hot and Spicy!!

  1. Hey new look!! Nice one. Tandoori chicken is one of my favorite but to have as a burger hmmmm never thought of that ..that would be a good healthy option for me actually. How good is the tandoori there? is it close to the authentic one?

    • Yeah I wanted to try a new theme. I got really bored of the old one.

      The Tandoori burger was very authentic tasting. I was actually surprised at how much it tasted like real tandoori.

  2. Actually, I was thinking of changing the “theme” on my blog too.

    I wrote a post about the “Tower Cheeseburger” too.
    ( )
    And a few posts about spicy fast-food in summer in Japan.

    I don’t eat much fast-food though so I haven’t been to Loteria in a while.
    I like McDonalds ¥100 menu items…and also Subway.

    I heard on the news that Wendy’s is planning their return to Japan.
    ( )

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