I’ve been really enjoying this new manga that I found recently. It’s called “Historie” by Hitoshi Iwaaki. The story is about the life of Eumenes, who was a general of Alexander the Great. Eumenes was famous for being supremely clever, and very skilled general. In the manga his character often finds clever ways of tricking the enemy, or accomplishing goals. I have to say it’s a really interesting read, especially for someone like me who likes historical type stories. Unfortunately you can’t buy the books in English, but you can find them floating about on the internet. I highly suggest checking it out.



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3 responses to “Historie

  1. I recently found a manga called Lone Wolf and Cub I got hooked reading this and i’d like to get the next volume to this but I can only get it online I think and not from the bookstore here …ill keep an eye out on this manga you mentioned, i like historical type of stories too.

    • Lone Wolf and Cub is a great series. I own the whole thing. It gets even better after the initial few books. If you’re having a hard time finding copies to buy you might want to try reading it here.

      I actually just finished read another short series by the same author of Historie. It’s called “Heureka”, and it’s about the Greek mathematician Archimedes, and the battle of Syracuse. It was really interesting.

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