Kebabs in Sendai!!!

Thanks to a tip from one of my students, and a through search of the internet by my wife, I have found what I consider to be the “Holy Grail” in Sendai. An actual kebab restaurant!!

As you can see in my hastily taken, extremely poor quality photo (I accidentally took it at ISO 1600. That’s what happens when you last took star photos, and you’re in too much of a hurry to check the setting dial) its name is テラトルコ which is “Tera Toruko”.  “Toruko” is the Japanese name for Turkey by the way, hence the crescent moons in the windows. The shop apparently just opened up in March. Well, the day after I found out about it, I rushed post haste to sample their wares. I had two different sandwiches, a chicken with yogurt sauce and a beef with chili sauce. They were both super  good. I recommend that anyone living in Sendai area, and is in the mood for some Middle Eastern food check it out!  A couple of websites that have some info on the shop are right here (TeraToruko Blog, Sendai blog info) it’s all in Japanese by the way.



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4 responses to “Kebabs in Sendai!!!

  1. To find a kebab restaurant that has all the fillings and not stingy with the servings is a great Holy Grail find indeed!!

    • I was really happy to find the shop since I crave kebabs all the time. Now if I could just find a decent Mexican restaurant all would be good.

  2. I love kebabs, its just the right sort of snack to have whenever whereever with lots and lots pepper! So what other International restaurants are there where you are?

    • Sendai is kind of lacking in international food (but of course this is a problem all over Japan). The thing is most international foods are changed to a Japanese taste, which in my opinion makes them not as good. I always prefer to eat the real version from the actual country.

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