Ipod Touch

I recently bought a 32 gig Ipod Touch. I have to say it’s really enjoyable to use. It’s become my default device for e-mail, Facebook, and even replying to comments on my blog with the Worpress app. It’s also great for carrying all the photos I’ve taken over the years. So far my favorite apps are:

IMDB: gives you a nice and easy graphical interface with access to all the info on the website.

Kotoba!: a free Japanese to English / English to Japanese dictionary. Very handy when you live in Japan. It can also do other languages like German and French.

WordPress: you can do almost everything you can do on the real site, including writing posts, managing and replying to comments, etc.

PathPix: a very fun puzzle game, kind of similar to Picross, but instead you’re drawing lines.

Plants vs Zombies: great funny strategy game. Defend you house from zombies with you garden.

Espgaluda 2: fantastic  “bullet hell”  shooter made by the legendary Cave.

Tap Tap Revenge 3: like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but free and portable.

Canabalt: a really fun and simple arcade game.

Life Magazine: a great app where you have access to pretty much every photo that has appeared in Life Magazine since it started. Great for seeing really interesting pictures.

Smart fm: great for learning some Japanese and also free. It ties into your site account, so you can study on the go. Unfortunately it’s not available in the Japanese ITunes store. Who’s going to need it more than foreigners living in Japan, but they can’t get it? I had to make a “special” Canadian account to get this one.

All and all a great device. It’ll probably serve me well when I take my vacation in Europe this summer. I already have a ton of tour guides, maps and transit ready for the trip. Plus I’ll be able to surf the internet and check my e-mail at the hotel, and it’s like a million times lighter and smaller than a laptop. Bonus!



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10 responses to “Ipod Touch

  1. Sounds like a good buy as it looks like this has been a useful device for you. Are you connected via WiFi? How do you find typing on it?

    I bought an 8 GB iPod Touch over 1 1/2 ago and I used it mainly to watch (free) video podcasts downloaded from iTunes during my work commute. I also have Kotoba! and several games which my son plays. I have read some books, but it really is too small (probably an iPad would be better).

    I don’t have connectivity unless there is free WiFi and at home (through my home network).

    • I’m just connecting by wifi. I haven’t found any free wifi spots in Sendai yet, so Internet is mostly at home.

      In terms of typing, at first I found it quite difficult, but now I’m getting quite speedy.

      Do you use the wordpress app?

  2. Does’t an iPhone do all that? Why not just get an iPhone?

    • The Iphone does do all that stuff, but I already have a cell phone and would have to switch carriers. The only choice for Iphone in Japan is Softbank. I prefer Docomo because of the family plan which is super cheap. I only pay around 900 yen a month. Of course I don’t have email or Internet on my cell either.

  3. Joe

    I have a 32 gig touch and I love it

  4. Good review you’ve written here on the iPod Touch. I knew Kotoba was a useful language application to have on the iPod Touch and the iPhone, wish its compatible for a Blackberry or even a Nokia *sigh* I

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